Prostate Milking Techniques – How to Teach My Lover the Prostate Milking Techniques

If you want to involve your partner in the joys of prostate milking, you may start the invitation by educating your lover. You have to tell them how much this prostate milking technique pleases you, and how it could benefit your health. This tactic could actually save you from developing prostate cancer. 분당스웨디시

Before you could teach your lover about the mechanics of prostate milking, he or she must be willing to do the activity with you. Do not force them if they do not feel like you giving you one. Educate them so they would know its significance. You may even complement the favour, by doing something new for them in bed. It could be a win-win solution.

Prostate milking is not all about the pleasure principle. It could also be a life saver. You see, your prostate is the shelter of alkaline fluid that makes up the semen. Its main goal is to neutralize the walls of the vagina which is naturally acidic. The acid in the walls could actually kill the sperm cells and halt the process of pro-creation.

During masturbation or sexual intercourse, the orgasm you experience does not rid of all the alkaline content inside your prostate. Hence, there are residues. This left over are the culprits for different prostate diseases that could be as serious as prostate cancer. Given this, we could actually say that prostate milking is the same thing as cleansing the innards of your prostate.

If you regularly do prostate milking you lessen the possibility of developing prostate cancer once you have reached the ripe of age of 75. By this time, the probability rate that you may actually develop prostate cancer increases at 50%. Hence, you have to do the necessary action in order to save yourself from this statistics.

Once your partner said yes, the next thing you have to do would be to practice. It is not necessary that you could do prostate milking techniques by yourself. However, prior knowledge and experience would be of advantage as you no longer have to adjust to the sensations. Either way, as long as you do it properly, you could reach prostate orgasm.

First thing you must learn would be the preparation. You have to be clean, relaxed, and lubricated. These are three essential must-haves in this kind of sexy activity. You may make use of cleanliness as your foreplay. You may be in the shower together and clean each other. Be particularly clean with your hands and anus. If you failed to clean your fingers and trim your nails, the prostate might contract bacteria.

For relaxation, you may simply set the room in a dim light. You may put on some scented candles. The best scent would be lavender as this contains relaxing properties. You may also put on some relaxing music and have some quiet time. Another option would be a good back massage. This could relax the tensed muscles from stress.

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