The Benefits of Greek Yogurt You Probably Never Knew

You’ve probably heard a lot of talk about Greek yogurt lately but it’s really nothing new. In fact, it came first, long before the watered-down, sugar-filled yogurts that you’re used to buying at your grocery store. The reason you’re hearing so much about it now is because, over the past few years, we’ve come to realize a lot of the health benefits of Greek yogurt. Benefits you’re probably not even aware of.

To understand the benefits you need to understand the difference between the two types of yogurt. Greek yogurt is yogurt that’s been strained, which means the more of the moisture has been removed. That moisture is the whey, which contains fat. So first, it is lower in fat than those fruit-filled yogurts you’re used to buying.

Next, it’s also natural, with no sugars or high fructose corn syrup added, which means it’s much lower in calories that other yogurts. And because it’s more concentrated, Greek yogurt is also higher in probiotics and calcium.

The additional probiotics aid digestion, which means you’ll also Sonus Complete have a healthier digestive tract and fewer intestinal problems. Probiotics also help reduce yeast infections, especially in women who are taking antibiotics. And the additional calcium is helpful for building strong bones.

Studies have also shown that eating yogurt regularly helps increase the good bacteria in the bowels and minimizes the risk of colon cancer and also helps strengthen the immune system. And let’s face it, we already know how bad sugar and high-fructose corn syrup are and those little cups of yogurt with fruit in the bottom are just loaded with those two ingredients.

Perhaps the best reason you’re hearing so much talk about Greek yogurt is because it helps you lose weight faster. Eating yogurt is beneficial for weight loss anyway because it contains calcium and protein. But the concentrations of those two nutrients are even greater in Greek yogurt which helps speed up weight loss.

Any good nutrition and weight loss program focuses on plenty of protein. It’s necessary if you want to increase muscle mass. And building muscle is necessary because muscle helps burn more energy, which increases your metabolism and you burn more fat. And Greek yogurt contains almost twice as much protein as those sugar-filled yogurts you’ve been eating.

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