Nail Fungus Treatment – Why Home Remedies Work The Best

Everyone wants lovely soft hands with nicely shaped nails. However this becomes impossible if you are suffering from fingernail fungus. Fungal attack on the fingernails is also known as Onychomychosis and they are quite common. It has been seen that women suffer from fungal attack on the nails more than men. Due to the fungal attack your nail can become unsightly and it might also become thick. You nail may start to turn brown or yellow and debris might start to collect under your nails. The infection can also become painful at times. And therefore fingernail fungus treatment is very important.

5 Simple Home Remedies

1) Apple Cider Vinegar – Apple cider vinegar is your best bet for treatment at home. Take some apple cider vinegar is a small bowl, soak the infected fingernails in it. You will need to do this at least twice daily. This works really well against this fungus and you will see the results in a couple of weeks. After Fungus Clear two weeks you will see that the fungus is starting to clear up. And the nail that grows is beautiful and fungus free.

2) Vitamin E Oil – You can also use vitamin E Oil for fungus treatment. You can soak a cotton pad in vitamin E oil and apply it on your infected fingers. It might take a bit of time before the fungus stars to clear up but the results are guaranteed. If you apply vitamin E oil on your nails twice daily for a month you will see the fungus will start to disappear gradually. And new clear nails will start to grow.

3) Plain Vinegar – Did you know that plain vinegar is extremely effective for treatment at home? Mix equal amounts of water and vinegar and soak your finger nails in the mixture at least twice every day. When your nails are soft after soaking them in the vinegar you can use a nail filer to carefully file away the parts of the nails that have been infected by the fungus. However make sure you don’t file your nails too much. Too much filing can lead to sore nails. After a week you will see the fingernail fungus is staring to clear up. Plain vinegar works equally well for toenail fungus as well.

4) Vicks Vaporub – Vicks vaporub works very well against this fungus. Apply it on the infected nails twice daily and you will see the fungus will start to disappear in just a couple of weeks. However it works at different pace for different people and it might take three months before you get clean fungus free nails.

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