The History of the BlackBerry Smart-Phone

Today BlackBerry is one of the most popular make of smart-phones on the market and are developed by a Canadian company called Research In Motion. BlackBerry currently holds a 20.8% share of all smart-phone sales in the world. This popularity began in 2002 after BlackBerry released their first smart-phone which had the ability to push e-mail, send text messages, internet faxing support, web browsing, wireless information services and of course could be used to make phone calls.

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The main feature that BlackBerry were (and still do) concentrating on were the e-mail functions, thanks to the QWERTY keyboards and the “trackballs” featured on most BlackBerry phones, e-mailing was, and still is a synch when using these smart-phones. BlackBerry phones became more and more popular, and with the user able to receive e-mail in real time anywhere with access to a wireless network, they became somewhat addictive and gained the nickname CrackBerry Realme X7 Max.

The Current range of BlackBerry devices are packed with the latest communication technologies including e-mail features on the go, internet access, instant messaging, SMS, MMS, WIFI capabilities, GPS features, easy social networking, Bluetooth and much more. The latest models also have all the bells and whistles to satisfy your needs such as the camera to take photos and record video, media player, organiser, BlackBerry maps, internet browser and all this built into one device. The BlackBerry Storm 2, one of the latest BlackBerry smart-phones, features a 3.25 inch high resolution colour touch screen and a 3.2 megapixel camera with flash and auto-focus.

BlackBerry devices must be popular for a reason, and I believe the reason is that BlackBerry have evolved and adapted alongside the constantly evolving technology of the moment, and due to this they have developed some of the best smart-phones available.

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