Lose 3 Inches of Belly Fat Fast – Phosphacore – As Seen on CNN

Hear this: Phosphacore, a weight loss supplement that has ascorbic acid or vitamin C, linoleic acid, and phosphatidylserine as its main ingredients, has shaken up the weight loss industry because of its well-documented effects. It is even touted as the diet pill or the weight loss product of 2009 by weight loss authority Applied Nutritional Research Magazine. It has been televised on various shows and news channels, particularly CNN and Fox News. If this media attention is not enough to convince you that something good can come out from this supplement, then probably the following facts will.

It contains a plant extract called Carthamus tinctorius which is scientifically proven to dissolve fats from problem areas like the Biotox gold hips. In just two days, more than an inch of fat from a user’s hips will melt away. That fast. And as if to add conviction on the product, manufacturers even challenge users to take their measures beforehand and compare these with those taken 48 hours after. The surprising edge to this supplement is that the melting goes on and on, hour after hour.

While it may produce accelerated loss of fat, it is, however, done in a very safe manner. Through a natural body process called apoptosis, the active ingredients of this supplement break up the adipose cells in the body and trigger the natural removal of melted fats. Now this is not just a claim, it is a fact supported by the results of a Norwegian research.

In addition to this, Phosphacore allows for the oxidation or burning of fat cells. All in all, it adds at least a hundred calories of extra energy burned per day. Now that’s free work. Again, this is grounded on individual studies conducted by researchers from the University of Colorado and the Arizona State University. According to another study done by Naples researchers, the supplement can reduce abdominal fat by preventing the cortisol (or stress hormone) level in the body to rise. Previously, this hormone was proven to have direct effect on obesity.

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