I’m An Online Marketing Expert Because I Say So – How to Know If Your SEO Firm Is Any Good

It’s too bad that there is no regulation in the online marketing world and there won’t be for years and years to come. Yes. Google has penalized some of the larger SEO firms for not coming through on their promises, but the search engine can’t police the entire web.

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With that being said, how do you know that the company you just hired has any authority on the subject? Well, as a matter of fact, it’s not all that difficult to gauge their online marketing acumen. Here are some ways to decipher whether or not your new vendor knows what they are doing Oliver Wood Perth:

1. Check the Company’s Alexa Rating
An Alexa Rating is a ranking given by the site alexa.com that attempts to measure a company or website’s online reputation among web browsers who seemingly know the net a little better than the general public. You can easily look up the exact measure via a basic web search, but the rating has to do with visitors to your site who have downloaded an Alexa Toolbar. With this rating, the lower the better.

If an online marketing / SEO firm’s Alexa rating is over 1,000,000, stay away. This is a telltale sign that they do not know their way around the web. In all actuality, your company should use.5m as a breaking point, however anything above 1,000,000 is like drafting a pitcher from the NFL. The two don’t mesh well.

2. Check the Company’s Backlinks
Checking any company’s backlinks can be done quite easily via two different avenues. The first is to go to Yahoo Search and in the toolbar, type the following: site:www.domain.com. Upon hitting enter, you will see two buttons. The button to the right will read “InLinks.”

The number within this button will give you a rough estimate of the number of backlinks this SEO firm has built for themselves. If the number is under 1,500, then the link building acumen of the firm is quite weak. Any reputable online marketing / search engine optimization company should be pushing more than 5,000. Since effective link building is roughly 50% of the generic online marketing game, your new online marketing vendor should be a wiz.

In conjunction with Yahoo, you can see a sampling of the backlinks that Google associates with the company’s site simply by typing in links:www.domain.com in the search bar. When it comes to counting links, Google always formulates a very different number than Yahoo, though Google more readily shows you the sites that your new SEO firm is linked to. Do some research on these links and ask yourself the following:

Do the links have high PR? Are the links relevant? Are these links that you would want? First and foremost, has the firm been mentioned in any SEO related articles that are seemingly of worth?

Additionally, when you first checked the company’s Alexa Rating, alexa.com will give you its own version of link counting for every site that you look up in directory. Try to stay with firms that have 50 or more Alexa links. 50 links + / – should be your line in the sand.

3. See Where the Company Ranks in Specific Generic SEO Searches
First, most effective SEO companies, upon someone Googling “SEO firms” or a variation of should come up on the 1st three pages of results. There are search engine optimization companies that have permanent stay on the first page of the searches, but that doesn’t mean that your prospective vendor can’t be included within the 1st 3 pages. Unlike many of the rules I’ve set forth, this is not a hard and fast one, though the search rule I am about to mention is of very big importance.

To see what searches your online marketing firm is going after, simply check some of the backlinks it has either through your link search via Google, Yahoo or both. If the backlinks say, “San Diego SEO Company,” then you know the keywords your new vendor is going after and see their subsequent results. If the company is attacking very niche search engine optimization terms and is not ranking, move on.

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