Job Openings and No Candidate Responses

Job candidates are knocking down your doors right? Are you beginning to see the endless number of resumes arrive? Interest level has been slow hasn’t it?

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Cruising the world wide web the other day I decided to check different Hospital websites to review their job vacancies. Hmm….interesting I thought as I perused job posting after job posting. So I went to another company’s career link and thought…hmm? Not wanting to stop here I decided to look at several Recruiting Firms (job postings) and I noticed the same thing. Employers and Recruiters were posting Outstanding Job opportunities in a very generic manner. Having the best of the best talent to choose from in a tough economy these Job Postings sounded eerily similar. Unfortunately; Top Talented candidates failed to respond or were slow in responding. With the economy in its current state it is hard to believe that people were not interested in this job? The job posting read:

A. Memorial Hospital has an opening for Clinical Manager. Apply on-line or send your resume to our HR department. MS degree and 2 years mgmt experience required. On the other hand your job description should not be too long and boring that the candidate has to “bookmark it” and finish reading it over the weekend.

In time the Ad above will probably attract an active candidate and the likelihood they will still be employed in 12 months or less is very slim. A top performing passive candidate will not give much consideration to these types of positions. We speak with them daily and they are aware of the Ads they see on TV and the Internet but have absolutely no interest in them. I believe that a Job Posting should be viewed as a Selling Activity if you want to attract Top Talent. You want your Ad to convince Top Talent to invest their time in reviewing what you have to offer. We know that recruiting Top Talent requires giving them a reason to want to change employers. Since we have a great selection of Top Talent to choose from let’s give some thought as to what would motivate a Top Performer to express interest in your job posting? Put yourself in the candidates position. What would prompt you to leave your current job?

Ok…..I think you get the point. Once you know what triggers your candidates now you have to utilize high impact words and phrases that Top Talented Individuals respond to and find appealing.

These words are referred to as sentient language. That is they possess feeling and emotion or the ability to influence a candidate. Let’s put sentient language to work in example B to see how this changes our job posting in example A above.

B. Memorial Hospital…a leader in Cardiovascular Research has an immediate opening for a self motivated and independent thinking Manager for our Clinical Research Division. If selected you will be a part of a talented team of Researchers who have been recognized as the tops in their respective fields. Memorial Hospital is experiencing tremendous growth and want only the best to join our team. You will be working in one of the fastest growing communities in the state. Our facility is close to I-65 and a short commute to the vibrant midtown markets and restaurants. We would love to hear from you if this describes you.

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