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Authority of the Bible – Is Jesus Author of the Scriptures?

Have you ever had a Bible verse that just eluded you? That you just didn’t understand why it was in the Bible. I had such a verse. It was about a woman that poured ointment on Jesus. Jesus said she did a good work and that wherever the gospel was preached that she would be remembered. (Matthew 26:10-13)

On the surface I knew that Jesus was defending the woman’s actions, but I felt there was something deeper about the verse. Something that I needed to know. I said a short prayer, “Father, if there’s something more about this verse I need to know please show me. In Jesus name. Amen.” I forgot about the verse until several days later.

In my daily reading I read Mark 13:10. It simply states that the gospel must be published in every nation easter bible verse. The answer to my question several days earlier became abundantly clear.

What do the verses in Matthew 26:10-13 and Mark 13:10 have in common?

Both verses are prophesies by Jesus. Matthew 26:10-13 clearly demonstrates that he already knew what was going to be put in the Bible. Mark 13:10 demonstrates that he already knew that the gospel would be published throughout the world.

He is clearly showing that what is put in the Bible is not put there by accident. He already knew! Why did he know? Because he is the author. Why does Jesus have the authority to author the scriptures? Because he is the Word of God that became flesh and dwelt among us.

The Bible states that in the beginning he was the Word and all things were created by him. (John 1:1-5) The Bible then reveals that the Word became flesh. (John 1:14) He is then revealed as the only Son of God. (John 1:16-18) Jesus tells the Jews that believed on him that if they continue in his word they are his disciples and they shall be free indeed. (John 8:31-32) He states that heaven and earth will pass away but his words never will pass away. (Matthew 24:35)

It is important to know that God’s word was written by Jesus. Why? Jesus has the unique perspective of being the Son of God and being Son of man. His word not only shares the incredible grace of God, but it also shares the human condition. Jesus was tempted in every point that we are. He knew sadness and pain. He knew rejection and betrayal. He alone is worthy to judge man because of his understanding of our pain and suffering.

Not only did Jesus walk a mile in our shoes, but he walked thirty plus years in our shoes, yet he was sinless. His word reaches deep in the soul of the abused and downtrodden and lifts them. He offers escape for prisoners, comfort for the suffering, and eternal life for the weak and dying.

Every word in the Bible is to draw us to God that we might have true joy. Jesus through his word cries, Come to me I’m the cure for your soul! I will accept you if you only come to me!

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