Mini Camcorder Features To Look For

In the world of camcorders, an entire niche was nearly single-handedly created by the Flip video camera, and the advent of cell phones with video capability. Pair these with YouTube, Facebook and other “web 2.0” social sites, and you have the makings of one hot product. What mini camcorder features should you look for, considering the market is filling up fast with contenders for Flip’s throne?

Whether you are shopping for a mini camcorder for a birthday present, Christmas or other holiday gift, or if you’re simply looking for a viable podcasting camera that you can take anywhere, these features should be given strong consideration when shopping.

HD Video Resolution
Many would-be high definition camcorders do not actually record in HD. Look for a screen resolution of 1080p when shopping, although pictures in 720 seem to dominate the pocket camcorder market youtube video mp4 downloader.

HDMI Cables
The HDMI cable connection will make sure you can directly watch your videos on your HD television from the camera without downloading to a DVD or importing to your laptop. Make sure your camera offers these cables if you have an HD television (otherwise you will want the old RCA cables).

Easy YouTube Uploads
The majority of these mini camcorders are purchased for web use, from bloggers staying in touch with loved ones to professional businesses seeking to video chat. Whether you want the camera for internet marketing purposes or simply for pleasure, YouTube is a great way to connect with others and spread a message. Look for easy YouTube connectivity.

With the demand being what it is for the miniature camcorders, accessories are hit or miss. Certain models come with the requisite carrying case and wall charger, but surprisingly many “top” models nickel and dime you for every accessory, no matter how necessary it would otherwise seem.

Memory Expansion
Most mini camcorder models run on flash chip technology, others have their memory hard-wired into the camera. If you plan on shooting outdoor sporting events or want to make sure that you simply have enough room “just in case,” this is an area of concern worth looking into.

Software Compatibility
There is nothing more frustrating than unwrapping a new camcorder only to find your PC or Mac does not have the right specifications to edit the video or import the files. Make sure you know what you require (AVI or MOV/MP4 tend to be popular files for the PC and Mac respectively).

Spotting these qualities can make the difference between a happy purchase and a frustrating trip back to the mall as you seek a refund. If you purchase your camera online and forget to consider these facets, you may end up mailing back a package to your online vendor hoping you will actually receive your refund, and be able to re-coup your shipping charges.

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