Difference Between Wooden Furniture And Veneer

Wooden Types of Furniture Traditional types of furniture such as oak, pine, cherry etc. are some of the well known and most common wood types. There are several advantages of wooden furniture and also the disadvantages to it. Wooden types of furniture are widely being used these days, and various kinds of woods are used for making them; analyze and then select them one by one, according to your decoration style and budget, and then match your furniture with decor!


Wooden Type of Unruh Furniture Traditional types of unruh furniture made from hardwoods like oak, maple, cherry etc. are popular nowadays, due to its beauty and versatility. If you love traditional wooden furniture, but are cost-constrained, you can have a custom-made one made for you, at a reasonable price. Wooden pieces from famous designers are available in the market; you can visit some showrooms of these manufacturers and talk to them about your requirements and they will definitely help you get the best custom furniture for you.

Hardwoods Like oak, maple, cherry etc. are hardwoods. They are sturdy and give you more value for your money. Unlike softwoods, they do not change color with time and require minimum maintenance. Maple furniture pieces are highly in demand among people, as it looks elegant and stylish

These hardwood types make perfect choice for any room, be it your office, home or even a conservatory. Since they are durable, good quality wooden furniture is more economical than other types of woods. Hardwoods like oak and maple are used for making dining sets, cupboards and many other types of wood furniture. Another advantage is that real wood furniture lasts long; you need not buy a new set of furniture every now and then.

Softwoods Unlike hardwood furniture, softwood furniture is less durable and offers lower quality. But softwood material also offers a wide range of choices; you can choose from teak, poplar, birch, mahogany, maple etc. Teak is the most durable of all hardwood furniture. It is flexible and offers high resistant towards moisture, heat and UV rays.

Though hardwood and softwood are durable materials, they need proper care and maintenance. You can take the help of professionals for this purpose. Regular polishing of both hardwood and softwood furniture can enhance their life span. A veneer is a solid wood veneer over old wooden furniture, which is extremely durable and offers the same look of genuine wooden furniture.

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