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Should Christians Allow The Matters Of This World To Dominate Our Thoughts?

One of the first lessons that I learned as a young Christian was that other people were not as excited about my converstion as I was. My parents thought that I had fallen into some kind of a cult. I accepted Jesus as my Savior in 1972 and that was a time when newspaper headlines and news broadcasts on radio and TV were filled with stories of young people being lured into cults.

Ephesians 2:8-9 (KJV) | Kjv, Bible passages, Godly relationship

Cult members met people at airports or walked the streets of major cities selling various items for fund raising and seeking new converts for their masters. Often it didn’t take more than just a smile or invitation to a simple, common meal to get a young person interested in joining. Once a young person was hooked into a cult, family members and deprogrammers hired by them had an almost impossible task in trying to extract such brainwashed teens from any one of the many false prophets popular in that day ephesians 2 8 9 kjv.

Before my conversion, I was attending a Lutheran Church with my parents. It was a pretty building with mostly sincere and almost certainly unsaved congregation members. Even after going through what is known in that denomination as the Confirmation (of your faith), I still knew almost nothing about God, the Bible and had not been told about being born again. Neither had my parents. So it stands to reason that they had no idea what I was talking about when I returned from a youth group meeting sponsored by a local ministry and said that I had accepted the Lord and been born again.

My folks probably would not have made a big thing about my newly found enthusiasm for God and the Bible, however, I was changing before their very eyes and that troubled them. I started going to youth meetings on a weekly basis and began to use the King James Version instead of the Revised Standard Version of the Scriptures. I stopped attending the Lutheran Church and started hanging out with other Christian teens from the youth ministry.

Common sense would dictate that any teenager who turned to God in such a positive way would be a blessing to his parents (unless they were atheists). I mean, I could have gone in the other direction like so many of my peers in those days becoming addicted to drugs, smoking, alcohol or got involved in all kinds of criminal or deviant behavior. It surprised me that my parents seemed to think my new found faith in God was probably in the same category as being addicted to drugs.

I was always interested in electronics. During this time I had a couple of drawers in my room filled with wires, circuit boards and other stuff from Radio Shack. I recall that not soon after my conversion, I came home from school only to find my parents sternly sitting in our living room and waiting for my arrival. Before I knew what was happening, they produced an alligator clip and asked if the people at the youth ministry were giving me drugs.

At first the whole situation seemed ridiculous, then I realized what was going on. People that use pot use alligator clips as what they call a “roach clip” for their drug. I have never used drugs or even tried them, but I could see how finding such a thing in my electronics drawer might upset them and lead to the wrong conclusion considering their heightened state of concern and belief that I might be involved with a cult.

I explained that the alligator clip was for my electronic experiments and kit building and they saw their mistake. I was dissapointed that my parents would even think I used drugs considering how much I have spoken out against such things. Besides, I pointed out that the clip had a long wire attached to it for testing currents and circuits and would probably not have made a very good roach clip in that condition.

Looking back, I now understand what was really going on. The moment I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior, the battle was on. If the devil cannot kept us out of heaven, he is going to do his best to keep us from having a fulfilling and fruitful life in Christ. The Bible makes this very clear:

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