We Are Caribou by Teamsters

“We Are Caribou” is a fast paced ballad about the loneliness of Vancover, a travelling circus performer, and his determination to find love. This fast paced folk song is one that is guaranteed to get everyone in a sing-along, as it quickly gains the attention of listeners. The main theme in this wonderfully written song is Vancover’s desire to find love, even though he knows that he will have to travel far to do so. The lyrics are descriptive yet soulful, making this a song that is sure to get everyone in on the mood.

The song title is an apt description of the lyrics of “We Are Caribou.” The first verse talks about how Vancover must leave everything in order to be able to find true love. The singer realizes that he has to leave his “girl” behind, and that it is better that he leave the “man” behind, as well. In the chorus the lyrics talk about leaving behind everything to find happiness, but with that happiness comes responsibility. Vancover realizes that he must leave everything behind in order to find his happiness We Are Caribou.

The fast paced dance numbers in the background add to the excitement in “We Are Caribou.” The fast tempo is exciting for many, yet some of the music seems to go along with the song rather than complement it. However, when the tempo picks up in the chorus the music picks up even faster, adding an even more powerful effect.

Lyrically the lyrics are very interesting. They reflect the feelings that are associated with being a travelling circus performer, and how that affects a person’s daily life. Some songs even list the things that a person should or shouldn’t do while on the road. It is an honest take on how life is really lived and gives a unique view of what it is like to be a travelling entertainer.

Technically speaking this is not your typical country song, as a lot of songs follow the same formula. This one however stands out for its uniqueness. The mix of traditional instruments and electronics is very well done. They create an upbeat tempo that seems to match the song almost perfectly. There are no vocal flourishes, but the singer is able to get her point across effectively thanks to the fast tempo. This makes for an excellent listen that leaves you wanting more of the same.

Overall “We Are Caribou” is an excellent choice for listeners. The songs are catchy, fast, and have an engaging sound to them. They are a great mixture of traditional and modern music. It is one of those songs that will have you singing along even when you’re on your feet. The production values are high, which also make this one a winner.

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