Using Chakra Stones in Chakra Therapy

Chakra stones can really help you in restoring your natural spiritual energies back to the chakras. The chakra stones work in a different way, but they are still very effective. They can help to clean the debris out of the chakras and they will also help to open them up once again. They also will help to balance all of your chakras at once. You won’t get this kind of benefit from just using one type of stone. Every chakra should be treated with the right kind of stone for it, or you could damage it.

In order for the chakra stones to do their job in your body, they need to be made out of a specific type of stone piedras de los chakras. You should look for stones that have a color that is closer to the color of the light blue or green. This color is symbolic of perfection, healing, and wisdom. It represents your higher self and helps to balance you out.

There are also crystals out there that represent every color of the rainbow. They work in a special way to balance out your chakras. These crystals should never be used in a way that will break them. If you use a crystal of any kind that is broken or damaged, you could actually damage your energy centers even more. Crystal stones are delicate and they can easily get broken if too much pressure is applied to them.

If you have an eye chakra stone, you should look for loose crystal pieces that are about the same size as the stone. Place the stone in your eye and look at it for a few minutes. If it feels slightly warm to the touch, it is a good stone to use. If you cannot feel the stone at all, do not use it. The idea here is to be able to sense the energy centers in the area. The bigger the gemstone, the stronger the energy it will emit.

When using your chakra crystal grid, it is important to pay attention to the colors you pick. Some people have a hard time with yellow and white stones because they feel cold to their skin. Other people feel anger when confronted with green and purple gemstones. Other people feel bliss when surrounded by red and orange stones.

Chakra energy is extremely delicate. It is important to not overload it with too much of anything. If you are using too many crystals or other gemstones in your chakra therapy sessions, you may push it to its limit and beyond. Instead, stick to just a couple of stones. This will keep your energy level high and balanced.

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