Luminox Brand Dive Watches

Dive watches by Luminox were founded in the early 1990’s by Richard Timbo and Barry Cohen, and initially the company was under the name Richard Barry Marketing Group. Barry and Richard found out that a unique illumination technology being produced by a Swiss manufacturer, and look the technology to there dive watches and negotiated an exclusive relationship for the use of the technology in North America, and the world’s most luminous timepiece collection was created.

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The Barry and Richard later began to register the name Luminox, which translated in Latin means “light night” to emphasize the superlative illumination system utilized in the watch collection. Sales for the Luminox were poor and slow, as the market was saturated with big brand dive watches like omega, citizen etc, until there break though with the U.S Navy Seals team who requested them to build a watch for diving for their seals with night missions capability. Within the same year they had there first Luminox Navy Seal Dive Watch that was launched in 1994. From then on they began to sell thousands of dive watches (plastic watch ดูซีรีย์).

Later in 1999 they launched their first fully steel Navy Seal Dive Watch. Now luminox continued to expand there dive watch series with the addition of an all-steel series and an all-titanium series in the fall of 2000.

For the active person looking for good value in a rugged, dependable and eye-catching dive watch, the search is complete. Luminox watches, with a unique self-powered illumination system guaranteed for 10 years, exceed all expectations. So if your looking for a great dive watch then the luminox could be for you.

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