“Fired Up – Why Every Successful Company Turns Employees Into Citizens” – A Book Review

In a new book, titled “Fired Up: Creating and Sustaining Successful Jobs,” authorship strategist Lee Baucom discusses how companies can get more done by focusing on their employees. He points out that most companies go through a period of self-doubt when it comes to building a culture that makes the company more attractive. Focusing on the needs of the individual employee is an important first step. This helps the company ensure that the person is as productive as possible.

“Firing Up” also provides insight into the kinds of questions that managers should ask employees when they are planning a meeting or event. Many managers tend to ask questions that focus on the individual’s weaknesses, rather than on the skills and qualities the person has that contribute to the company’s success. According to Baucom, by avoiding these weaknesses in the process of hiring someone, companies can avoid wasting time and money on activities that do not contribute to the company’s strengths puts employees first.

As an example, Baucom writes, “Why should the HR Department focus on salary?” The answer is that the company should focus on what an employee is worth. An individual’s skills, performance and personal preferences matter more than salary. If an employee is good at her job but lacks the interpersonal skills to bring success to the company, then the company should seek a person who can provide those skills.

Another section of “Fired Up” focuses on the benefits of a strong relationship with customers. There are many examples of ways in which an employee can make a positive difference to a company if she is willing to listen and learn from the customer. By focusing on the benefits of doing business with the customer, it puts employees first and helps create a better working relationship. It also empowers the employee to take ownership for her actions and thus become better able to control her emotions. The more control an employee has, the more likely she is to succeed.

The final section of the book reads like a mission statement for the company. One by one, suggestions are given about the type of communication that should be used throughout the company. An example given is, “In order to succeed, our communication with our clients must be clear and concise.” This advice makes it clear that employees are the most important aspect of a company and without them there cannot be long-term success. If this relationship is strong, the company will be successful.

As you can see, reading “Fired Up – Why Every Successful Company Turns Employees Into Citizens” is not your typical work of a business book. Rather, the author lays out a course for success for both current and future leaders. While it does touch on topics you would expect, it does it in a way that makes you stop and think. If you are looking for a motivational book, this is a great place to start. You will put employees first by learning how they are the driving force behind success.

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