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Green Card Lottery – Easiest Way For USA Immigration!

USA is a country of diverse cultures and people of multiple ethnicity. To maintain this diversity among its population, the USA government issues 50,000 permanent resident visas annually under its Diversity Immigrant Visa program through lottery. Yes, its that easy to get a permanent residency in USA- through this Green Card Lottery!

What is Green Card?

Green card is an identity card that proves US permanent residence status. This is the easiest way for USA immigration. A native of any eligible country can apply for obtaining a USA green card. The applicant should have high school education or equivalent prescribed experience. The State Department of United States of America is authorized to receive and process the applications for this card. The applications of qualifying prospective immigrants are shuffled by a computer and drawn randomly until the prescribed quota is reached. The green card lottery winners and their families are entitled to live and work in United States as an equal citizen Aadhar Card Status.

Green Card Lottery Requirements

Lottery eligibility under Diversity Immigrant Visa program are few and easy. Once you fulfil these lottery requirements, you can participate and win a US immigrant visa.

Nationality- Anyone applying for the green card lottery, must come from an eligible country prescribed by the US government. The government, in want of plurality of nationalities participating each year for the lottery, allot different quotas to each country. However, there are certain countries that are not at all eligible to participate for the lottery mechanism. Its your sheer luck, if you belong to such a ‘not eligible’ country.

Education or Experience- Anyone applying for green card lottery should have at least a high school equivalent of a diploma. In case, it is not so, s/he must have 2 years experience in a field of work that needs at least two years training or experience.

That is all. If you fulfill these requirements, you can participate in the US Diversity Immigrant Visa program. If, however, your luck does not support you and you could not win the immigrant visa from the lottery, there are many other ways for immigration to USA. To know all the types of USA immigration and their requirements, read USA Immigration РA Guide to American Immigration.

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