Chinchillas For Sale – Where To Get Chinchillas

For first time pet owners, a chinchilla or a baby chinchilla may be the last thing they would want to get as they may feel like it is a wild rodent and is generally dirty,. However, a chinchilla is one of the cleanest and easiest pet to take care of (as you will see in the later parts of this narrative) and for the most part, even tamer that a rabbit or a mice. These little creatures are blessed with the thickest and softest fur that makes them virtually impenetrable to ticks, dogs, cats and even birds can get fleas even if we have been constantly grooming them and giving them baths as often as every other day. There are also a lot of baby chinchillas for sale in most pet shops, so, they would be quite easy to find.

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Pet lovers are everywhere but cannot seem to decide which pet or pets are suitable for them. Most of us who live in highly urbanized cities may often live in condo units or apartments that really do not give much room for a pet to move around in. Chinchillas for sale are great pets to keep us company at home. They really do not need much in terms of maintenance and are fairly even tempered when they are comfortable in your home. They do not need to be bathed in water and all you need is their specially made chinchilla dust for them to roll around and take a chinchilla dust bath in munchkin cat for sale munchkin kittens and munchkin cats.

Where To Get Chinchillas?
Baby Chinchillas or chins may be bought from reputable breeders that advertise online or from pet shops. They can cost as little as a few hundred dollars each depending on the lineage and or background. A pure standard chinchilla is basically a pure breed and that no mutation or mixing of the gene pool from other chins was made. They are known to be generally healthier compared to mixed breeds that may have genetic complications arise as they grow older.

Breeders of these animals are quite proud of their stock and will always disclose whether their animals are pure standard or not. If you are looking to adopt abandoned chinchillas (bless your heart!) they would come in quite cheap or even free as long as you know animal shelters that have them. There are also a lot of cheap chinchilla for sale out there, one just has to know where to look. Many chinchillas are abandoned or rescued by concerned citizens who take pity on these animals as some people breed them for their fur and sell them to the highest bidder.

What kinds of chinchillas are for sale?
Chinchillas generally have two kinds; the Chinchilla brevicaudata and the chinchilla lanigera. They almost look alike but the Chinchilla brevicaudata has a shorter tail and broad shoulders. This specie is also the one mainly produced in captivity, Chinchilla lanigera is mostly found in the wild along the mountains of South America where they came originally from.

These chins come in generally four kinds of fur colors that are gray, beige, white and ebony. There may be rarer colors found but this may be a sign of cross breeding. Again, it would be wise to ask your breeder about the chins’ lineage or family background.

When looking for a suitable chinchilla to bring home, take a close look at the quality of his fur. It should be soft and shiny and not have signs of “fur chewing” this can be a result of an attack by another chin or he may have done it himself. It will be hard to detect how deep the fur chewing or attack went as it is almost impossible to see through all those hair.

What Else To Check?
Second, check to see the over-all demeanor of the animal. It should be up and about during the evening and be rested during the day. They are nocturnal animals (come out during the evenings) and will keep you up for the most part as they jump and tumble inside their cage. Speaking of the cage, some chinchilla cages for sale are not that durable, so, be wise in choosing. This is also perfect for those who work during the day as you are assured that they will not do anything to harm themselves as they will be fast asleep while you are in the office or at school.

Lastly, it would be of great help to you to know more about these animals before you really and finally decide to get one. Take the time to study how they live, watch a few videos and especially learn how to give a chinchilla dust bath! It would also be of great comfort to you if you already have a veterinarian in your phones speed dial for those emergencies. Pay careful attention to your pet chin’s diet as they have a very sensitive need when it comes to the kinds of food they eat.

Accessories You Will Also Need
You will of course have to buy chinchilla cages for your new pet, just like how guinea pigs need guinea pig hutches, as well as food, a food dish, a water bottle, hay, and chinchilla toys. There are so many options available and one could easily spend a ton of money getting all of these items. While these things go along with your budget you can’t let your chinchilla suffer – sometimes a toy is a necessity along with food and water!

In Conclusion…
Baby chinchillas for sale, though strictly monitored, are quite easy to find and responsible breeders will never sell a chin that is less than 6 weeks old. Some pet chinchillas for sale, even if they are born with fur and with eyes wide open, does not mean that they are fully grown!

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