4 Cool Gift Ideas for the Golf Loving Dad

If your Dad loves to play golf then you are going to have an easy time getting the best Christmas gift for Dad! Golf gifts are easy to find when you know where to look and what to look for. If you aren’t knowledgeable about golf then this article will help give you some gift ideas for Dad.

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Golf Gifts for Dad #1

One of the best Christmas gifts for Dad who loves to play golf is a golf range finder. The most popular and best rated range finder is from the Bushnell line. It is the Bushnell Tour V2 with Pinseeker Technology with Slope. This nifty little gadget will tell Dad how far the hole is from where he stands. It will help him figure out the distance to the green in a matter of seconds. It is equipped with a pinseeker technology is awesome. Unlike previous models, which had some problems distinguishing the flag from trees in the background, this model can clearly identify the flag Golf Gift Idea T-Shirt.

In addition, “Pineseeker” function is a must, since holding the device steady sometimes is difficult. To lock your target, you simply point and shoot and you will get a clear accurate readout. Very easy to use with clear view to target! extremely accurate, versatile, light weight, compact, and easy to use. Wear the case on my belt, back right hip, The battery life has been a chief complaint but that is minor in comparison to all the other great qualities this range finder has.

Golf Gifts for Dad #2

Your Dad may love to play golf, but sometimes loving to play and playing correctly are two different things. If your Dad wants to improve his golf game you could give him the bestseller golf instruction dvd, Golf Shop Live Phil Mickelson – Secrets of the Short Game. Before long he will be beating his golfing buddies and his self-esteem will go through the roof as he improves his game as he is crowned the golf swing guru.

Golf Gifts for Dad #3

A set of golf clubs is always a welcoming gift. However, if you want to buy your Dad some golf clubs you need to make sure they are the type of golf clubs he would want. This will take some research on your part either directly through him, through a golfing buddy of his, or you picking up on subtle clues he gives about what brand of golf clubs he enjoys. You may consider a brand new set or some Callaway preowned golf clubs. There are loads of golf club deals available so don’t worry about breaking the bank.

Golf Gifts for Dad #4

A great combination of golf gear is a perfect gift for any golfer. A good Christmas gift for Dad who loves to play golf would be an assortment of golf shirts, a box of good quality and high performance golf balls, and a new golf glove. If your Dad is right handed he will need a left handed golf glove; left handed people will need a right handed golf club. These essentials are great gift ideas for men who love golf. Buying gifts for Dad can sometimes be hard, but if he loves golf then you have a great starting point for finding the best gift ideas for Dad this Christmas.

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