The Chinese Market Is the Home to Low Prices and Good Quality Clothing

Have they been successful?

Chinese online stores are the reigning kings, defeating and leaving behind large retail outlets such as Best Buy, Wal-mart, and Suning in the race to the top. If the public of China has welcomed online shopping with open arms, there shouldn’t be a reason for the people of the United Kingdom and the United States for instance, not to see it in the same category as their own online retail stores. The kicker is that 1.3 billion people in China are purchasing from online stores daily. With numbers this huge, there is no way that you can dismiss the Chinese market from the big leagues.

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But Don’t They Know About the Fakes

Would you believe if I said that the citizens of China are more wary of purchasing a fake item than us? 99% of the time, people have looked at Chinese products with disdain, and the Chinese public is very much aware of that, as they share the same mutual feeling. Therefore, they stay more alert when purchasing items from Chinese markets online.

Like the west, they also want to get their hands on a genuine item with no hints of it being a fake. This has led the Chinese market to display items that are the real thing in their online store. Partially, this is what has led the online Chinese market to take the world by storm China’s silk road economic belt.

According to an article on Business Insider published last year, Chinese shoppers visit traditional stores to check the price of the product than come to the website to compare the price as well as the different services offered by a variety of online stores. So, if that’s how the Chinese do it, how will people living in other countries deduce the fakes from the real.

How will People not living in China make sure of the Quality?

I admit that this question got me stumped when I came across it, but a little research and thinking helped me come up with a solution for us. Only visit prominent Chinese online retail stores and avoid visiting the ones that you have never heard of before. You do not want to become the victim of credit card theft so be extremely careful anytime you shop online. The solution was this simple, something which surprised me and I bet you as well.

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