High End Sport Utility Vehicles

For car drivers who want all of the perks and amenities of driving a luxury sedan, but still want the safety found in sports utility vehicles, a luxury SUV may be their best option. High end SUVs can be quite expensive but often come with high performance engines, luxurious interiors, and safety features unmatched by cheaper SUVs. Two of the highest selling luxury SUVs on the market are the Mercedes Benz GL Class and the Cadillac Escalade.

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One of the highest overall rated high end SUVs is the Mercedes Benz GL Class. With a price tag that ranges between $58,000 and $80,000, the Mercedes Benz GL Class can be too pricey for some buyers, but for many the amenities found in the Mercedes luxury SUV are worth the additional cost. With 383 horsepower potential, this high end SUV has one of the strongest performance engines on the market. For those concerned with fuel efficiency จำนำรถยนต์, a diesel engine is optional. The quiet interior cabin comes with three rows of seating and the towing capacity can tow up to a 7,500 pound trailer.

Another popular high end SUV is the Cadillac Escalade. The Escalade, which are often found for around $60,000, can come with a slightly cheaper price tag than other luxury SUVs. The Escalade boasts an extremely powerful engine, but its fuel economy is among the worst of all comparable automobiles. The luxurious interior of the Escalade leads to an extremely calm ride. The Escalade’s interior storage capacity is among the best of all upper end SUVs.

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