4 Essential Things a Blogger Can Do With Twitter

Twitter brings traffic – If you’re an experienced blogger I know you’ve heard this a couple of times in the internet on how twitter can bring traffic surge. If you keep failing on bringing traffic in your blog there are two reasons on why it happened. The first one is that you haven’t established a name with it. You have to understand that making a twitter account won’t make tons of traffic overnight. Twitting is just a suplement in which you can make if you made a good foundation with your blog. You then realized that twitting multiplies your traffic if you already made a name. Number two reason is that you’ve been inactive for a long period of time. I know that twitting is not a responsibility but there are tons of  twitter applications out there which you can use for an automated work. Use those applications, you’ve got nothing to lose in using them. Make  quietum plus Money with Twitter – Definitely true! Twitting is another way to make money online and another method in which most bloggers fail to do. There are tons of guides out there on how you can make money online with twitter but they lack the explanation that you have to work hard in it. Mostly, they will be introducing the easy way but the truth is there’s no shortcut for earning money with twitter. Here’s a good well explained guide on how to make money with twitter. I highly recommend you in reading it.Data Mining – Another thing that most bloggers failed to realize is that twitter has a real-time search engine. You can use the built-in search engine in finding a specific blog post, finding a blog to comment and keep up to date with the latest news in the industry. Easy Communication – Remember that twitter can relay your message to your followers so that they can receive it in their mobile phones. Integrate it with your blog so your blog readers will keep up to date with your latest news and updates. It’s also viral since twitting has a featured called “re-tweet” and it makes your message spread across the tweet ecology. You can use some twitter applications in the internet in which you can schedule your tweets.

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