A New Forex Trading Robot Hits Town – Ivybot

When it comes to forex trading software, the new kid on the block, Ivybot, is dissimilar to nearly all the current trading systems out there today as it is not deemed to be a so-called scalping robot. What Ivybot does is very cleverly use two algorithms that measure the different strength of trends which occur in present time frames, then taking a position when fluctuations of the price occur. Time and volatility are a couple of other indicators that are used in the process as well.

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The Ivybot software lets you trade in four currency pairs – USD/JPY, USD/CHF, EUR/JPY and EUR/USD and there are a couple of reasons for this. The first reason is because of margin replacement issues when running more than four currency pairs and the second is less profitability when trading in less than four pairs.

The developers of the software actually designed four different Ivybot’s. This meant there was one for each pair and the reason they did this was to efficiently program in specific code and then optimize each pair so the robot itself had more accuracy in producing as much profit as was possible from each potential trade Money robot.

Because the developers of the product realized how daunting forex trading could be at the best of times, let alone for a newbie, they spent a lot of time assembling a fantastic support team. Speaking from experience, we know how a potentially great product can flounder due to the lack of decent support for it, so it was good to see five full-time support staff being employed to support the clients of the software. Not only this, as the product is being sold on the ClickBank platform, there is the standard sixty day money back guarantee in place should the product not live up to expectations.

We still want to see proof that this robot can actually do what it’s meant to do in live conditions, because although we know it performs well in testing, this is no indicator how it will perform in the real world. When push comes to shove, there are many programs that claim to be able to perform admirably in the live market but fail to do so when it comes to the acid test. Ivybot’s developers also insist that with constant updating of the software, it will maintain its effectiveness in the constantly changing markets making it one of the top forex software available.

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