3 Reasons Why People Retire Early

What would, or could be considered a retirement age in today’s world of employment? The age set years ago, summarised that the age of sixty-five constituted a retirement age. Is this still a standard maintained today?

The workforce, world-wide, is requiring that employees accept an earlier retirement age, so that the unemployment status be reduced. The now early retired people, no longer considered unemployed and now not an encumbrance on the government. Are they now not unemployed? Sure, they will receive an income from a source set up by their employer, but this is a loss of experience now expected to entertain themselves at home.

The fact is, there are reasons for taking early retirement, the first being your health. This is probably the most serious decision requiring investigation. Is the health deteriorating quickly, is it a reason for possible boarding and is there sufficient funds International Lawyer Network available to continue to live life at a reasonable standard? Insurance payouts for disability, contributions made towards retirement policies as well as employer contributions; all items requiring investigation. The resulting health problems may need an extra income to insure Doctors and follow-up treatment is financially viable.

Early retirement for health reasons, an out for an employer foreseeing possible man hour loss due to sick leave being taken by an employee, could be construed as illegal in some countries. Be advised to investigate all these facts before signing an agreement to retire early.

A business, finding itself in a financial down swing, seeking answers for relief, may consider retrenchment. The normal first step of retrenchment is to find employees nearing the age of retirement, offering them a financial package to accept early retirement. This a serious consideration for any employee. The first investigation must include the resultant loss of growth expected from early termination of a retirement policy. The financial package offered, if invested, will this result in the same expected payout. The second step, if far below pensionable age, is there a sufficient possibility for re-employment within the area.

Early retirement in the case of retrenchment, is possibly unavoidable and serious consideration of the future necessary. Part time employment or opening a small business considerations needing attention.

Some business, controlled by changing committees, selected annually, can apply pressure on employees they feel too old for the occupation for which employed. These include Golf Clubs, Sports Clubs and others where the club owned by the members. An unsafe environment, not from the nature of the work but because of the unstable managing structure. Each new member of a committee will want to stamp his authority, to show the selecting members they chose correctly.

On occasions this has been the demise of an employee or two. A committee of younger members may consider the employee base too old and wish to replace the old with the new. This is the third reason for considering early retirement. This consideration is the easy one. Do you wish to stay and fight the suggestion, possibly facing termination on trumped-up charges? Will your stance not be the cause of traumatic mental anguish? If this is the case then take early retirement and consider the options after.

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