Make Your Memory Powerful With Bacopa Leaf

Bacopa leaf or brahmi leaf as is called in the Indian system of ayurvedic medicine is used for many of the brain disorder diseases. The potency lies in its anti oxidant property conducive for the cells in our brain. However many of us are fooled to believe that this herb alone can help to resolve brain disorders. I will tell the full facts.

Why do we remember less and forget more? There are only two reasons. One is the brain cells are weak and the second is inadequate blood supply to the brain. While bacopa leaf helps for the former it has no influence for the later. Unless we find solution for these two aspects together no amount of this herb can cure the memory problem.

There are billions of cells in our brain. Neurotransmission happens amongst these cells. Because of this process we are active. Our brain work properly. We are able to remember. The basic factor essential for this neurotransmission is an arrangement called synapse. This has neurons in it. They are also cells. This is the Synapse xt conduit by which the signal sent by a cell is received by another cell. When the neurons in the cell are damaged the synapse does not work and thus we have many brain disorders like loss of memory, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s etc. The damage happens due to various reasons. The only remedy is to provide required nutrition to the neurons in the synapse. The fantastic nutrition available to maintain the synapse in good condition is called bacoside. This is the active principle in the bacopa leaf. This is one aspect.

However to take the bacoside inside the brain cells we need strong blood vessels. Unfortunately the blood vessels near our brain are very fragile. Many times they contract not allowing adequate blood inside the brain. That may be the reason we are able forget more than what we can remember. How to guarantee strong blood vessels near the brain? There is another herb called vinca minor which has the potency to provide required protein to the blood vessels near the brain.

The challenge is to find appropriate dosage of these two herbs to offer the best solution for memory enhancement and any brain disorder. Generally 100 mg of bacopa leaf extract is required per day to be taken 50 mg each morning and evening. The extract should have 100% potency. Also they should have been extracted in vacuum conditions to ensure full benefit of the extract.

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