An Ineffective And Outdated Online Marketing Strategy

What online marketing strategies are you using to get more traffic and sales to your website? Hopefully you’re relying on proven and time-tested techniques that will produce results immediately. But if I’m correct, you probably wouldn’t be reading today’s lesson. You would probably be working on your internet business, and enjoying the profits that you are receiving on a daily basis.

But if this reality isn’t true for you, then you will have to change what you’re doing. Whatever you’re doing isn’t working for you, so you will have to switch methods and techniques, and come up with things that will be effective for you. Don’t rely on outdated strategies that won’t produce for you. One example of an outdated marketing strategy is classified advertising.

Now don’t get me wrong. If you have a flat screen, an xbox, or some furniture… then you can probably sell it quickly if you list it on Craigslist. Other than this site, all the rest of the classified advertising sites don’t compare (in my opinion). If you sell information products and you’re looking for another avenue to promote your products… don’t rely on classified advertising.

Now this in particular applies to online marketing. However, if you run a classified ad in a newspaper or magazine in superslot your niche… more than likely, you will get good response from it. Classified advertising offline is MUCH better than classified advertising online. On the internet, the only people visiting the classified advertising sites are other business owners looking to promote their product. But offline, it’s different.

There are many people who wade through the classified ad section everyday in their local newspaper and magazine. So you can get a lot of exposure this way – but it will cost you a bit of money. If you really want to make classified advertising work… you need to run ALOT of them. I’m talking about 50-100 classified ads.

I don’t even think there’s 50-100 classified advertising sites on the internet! The bottom line is that you don’t want to waste time with this ineffective technique while you could be doing other strategies that can make you the money that you’re looking for. Online classified advertising is simply an ineffective way to get traffic and earn sales on the internet.

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