Let Kissing Be Your Prelude To A Great Sexual Experience

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Let Kissing Be Your Prelude To A Great Sexual Experience

Oh boy, do I love kissing.

Kissing is something that I want to do all day long. What can I say, I love to kiss?

Nothing, absolutely nothing beats a good kiss (unless it’s a hole in one – no seriously).

Tell me what else makes you feel that nothing else matters, that the sun is shining even though it’s not, that life is good and you are on cloud nine.

Thing is, like everything else that is worthwhile in our lives and especially in developing a wonderful relationship, great kissing takes experience and practice. And, yes, I am happy to practice at any time. Just imagine what your life would be like without kissing.

Mind you, there is kissing and there’s kissing! So let’s look at the different ways we can kiss and then make me a promise. Take notes, get some more practice and experience in with your partner. They will love all the renewed attention and you’ll have a great time.

I can’t think of a better win/win situation. Can you?

The “We’ve Been Apart For Far Too Long” Kiss

Man, is this the kiss of power or what? Use it to tell your partner that you really mean it.

Use this kiss to totally knock your partner off their feet. Let the kiss tell your partner just how horny you are after all that time and, hey, you just can’t wait a moment longer. The great thing about a kiss is, it is easy and fast too do. Well, left to me, I wouldn’t necessarily make it fast, I’d be taking as long as I could.

While you are kissing her, get your hands to help you out. Explore every part of the body that you can. This will make her go crazy (never mind her, this will make both of you go crazy) before you can even begin to think about what your next move is. If you can think, good for you. As I spend so much time away from home, when I do get back, feelings tend to dominate a lot more than thoughts do!

Before we discuss other type of kissing, can I just mention a fairly obvious but important point. Excited and as full of anticipation as you may be, think hygiene, think breath fresh and teeth clean.

The “Let’s Go On An Exploration” Kiss

This is when you let your tongue do more than just help you talk. I probably could just leave it that and let your imagination do the rest. All I will add is that this will be great fun, shows that you are very much interested in her (as well as your sexual desires) and will help you to discover new ways to excite your partner. Another win/win.

The “Quick Peck At Bedtime” Kiss

I don’t know about you but I hate routine. You know what I am talking about – the quick kiss in bed, lights out, roll over and go to sleep – after all we’ve both got work in the morning. Does 918kiss this mean we have to wait until Friday night?

Break the routine, break the habit. Give her a gentle, loving squeeze. Give her a kiss on the neck (what do you think necks are fo?) and tell her just how much you love being there with her and being so close together.

This won’t necessarily lead on to full intercourse but it doesn’t have to. If nothing else, it helps to strengthen the relationship and make both of you feel good and a bit special.

The “Quick Peck Going To Work” Kiss

Now, if there ever was an opportunity to set the scene, this is it. This isn’t some made up technique, I have used it and really meant it.

When you are about to walk out the door, the first thing is to make sure you do not leave without kissing her. That’s the least you should do. Now, build on it.

Make sure she knows that you will be thinking about her, thinking about the two of you lying close together, thinking about what you could be doing all day long. Just make sure you mean it, have a big smile on your face and look into her eyes as you say it. Jeez I’m getting excited just thinking about it. Chances are she’ll ‘warm’ in all the right places before the door is closed! Will she be waiting for you to get home? What do you think?

The “Testing The Water” Kiss

What do you do when you are in the ‘mood’ but are unsure if she is? Simple, kiss her and find out. Take your time, make it long and slow. Then you’ll know. She will either hang on wanting a lot more or give you a smile and go do something else.

If she is not in the mood, no problem. There will be lots of other opportunities especially if you have been practicing the other type of kissing we have been discussing.

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