Exit Splash Strategy – Maximizing Every Visitor That Comes to Your Site

Turning exit traffic into a lead or saving a sale is done by using a pop up type of box that captures the attention of your leaving visitor. This exit pop up “splashes” up in front of your visitor and captures their attention, stopping them from leaving a site.

With this window of opportunity where you have your audiences attention, you’ll get a chance to offer a sweeter deal to the audience, and be able to entice a sale by offering a discount on the product or a freebie.

1. Turn exit traffic into “some” cash

What this means is that your exit traffic that otherwise would not have purchased a product decides to buy your product in the end, perhaps at a reduced price. Although it may not be the 먹튀검증 full amount, yet a discounted sale is better then “no sale” at all. Plus, you’ll at least gain a paying customer. Folks that buy from you once, will very likely purchase from you again.

So just by capturing the attention of an audience before they leave your site, and offering a discount, this prevents you from leaving money on the table that would otherwise have been lost anyway.

2. Viral script, tweeter, bonus videos, reports, gift and more.

Another exit strategy is to make things viral. If a customer isn’t going to make a purchase no matter what, its possible they might be willing to refer others to your website in return for a gift, incentive of some sort. Having an exit splash that combines both referral as well as save-a-sale type of exit splash strategy can be helpful to an internet business.

This sort of technology usually requires some coding and can be quite complex with all the bells and whistles. An easier way is to have most of the codes scripted server side. When the codes are done this way, the worry is on the host to get everything ship shape for your site. This way, you don’t need to worry about the coding and C programming stuff.

You’ll still need some basic FTP skills plus some copy and pasting of codes skills. Basically, its pasting the code onto your Web page, then uploading that html file to your ftp host, which should take at most 10 minutes.

Exit traffic can come from PPC, Social Media, Facebook, MySpace, Article Marketing. By having an Exit Splash strategy, you’ll be able to capture traffic that otherwise would have been lost.

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