WoW Hunter Class

Hunters in World of Warcraft are expert marksmen who travel with a pet to help them in their adventures. Hunters are a DPS class and are arguably the best solo class in the game. I’ve been playing a Hunter for a couple years now and the WoW Hunter class never ceases to 안전토토사이트 amaze me. Nothing is greater than playing WoW with a pet as a permanent party member.

Hunters get a wide variety of spells to use in their adventures in the World of Warcraft. I’ll start with the pet; pets are the bread and butter of class. You can tame almost any pet in the game starting at level 10. Different species of pets are good for different types of game play. Most raiders like to use a cat as a pet because of the high DPS. I like to use gorillas because of the AOE attack, if I’m fighting more than one mob the attack can pull them all onto my pet. Pets allow Hunters to solo very hard group quests, just keep spamming the Mend Pet spell to keep your pets health up during a fight and you’ll see that tough Elites aren’t that tough after all.

Another great thing about being a Hunter is the trapping spells. Hunters have the ability to set several different kinds of traps, the most used on is the Freezing Trap. The Freezing Trap will freeze the first enemy to approach it for around 30 seconds. This trap is widely used by Hunters in Instances as a form of crowd control. Its also great for a PvP Battleground, you can set a trap on your teams flag and wait to catch an intruder. Hunters also get Aspects, these Aspects are buffs that affect you and/or your party. The buffs do different things for example Aspect of the Pack allows all nearby party members to run with an increased run speed, while Aspect of the Wild offers increased nature resistance. The Hunter class offers a lot to the player and is very fun to play.

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