More Info About Stand Up Paddle Surf

Yes, it is not just about fitness and health, but stand up paddle surfing is also about enjoying a sunny morning with clear blue sky and glassy horizon. You can thus get onto your surf boards, enjoying and breaking the surf.

For every paddle surfer, it is a challenge to be standing alone in the water. While surfing, you take it as a challenge to paddle out early and try to beat the crowd. Every paddle surfer yearns to reach the line up and then turn towards the horizon. This is the ultimate moment that you can experience as a paddle surfer when you see the magnificent wave roll in towards you as if it was waiting for you to dive in to the water.

As you reach the magnificent wave, no matter big or small, whether ridden or not, there is a thrill that you experience not just in your mind but also your heart. This is a feeling that is uniformly shared by all the paddle surfers.

Thus, surfing with élan and cordiality in water is what paddle surfing is all about and this is what a true paddle surfer looks forward to.

The sport of paddle surfing has over the years challenged the skill and strength of every water sport enthusiast. This sport is an age-old form of water sports which was first experienced by the Hawaiians. They were among the first to be seen playing with their surf boards among the waves.

Till today, the spirit of the sport has remained the same that was practised by the Hawaiians. However, there has been a variation which has been introduced by the surfing enthusiast over the inflatable paddle board years. This is one sport that has enthralled people with its grace and noble rhythm. The sport of paddle surfing is today also known as beach boy surfing.

The beach boy surfers became popular during the 1960s as they would paddle surf into the water to take pictures of tourists. Slowly and gradually, the beach boy paddle surfers got noticed and garnered a lot of attention. Thus, with increasing interest in this form of the water sport, the surfers began to experiment with paddle surfing as a way of fine tuning their skills and training.

Over the years, the paddle surf boards have evolved from long board, short board, and paddle boards to the today’s SUP surf boards. The surf boards used today are very different from which were used when the sport first came into existence. Thus, the paddle surf boards used today are much smaller, faster and lighter than ever before.

The surf boards used today are made with materials which are lighter and effective. Also, there are new composite techniques used for construction of these paddle boards. The makers of these paddle surf boards are also working on the existing design and shape, strength and weight of the boards.

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