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I am often asked about the disparity between HDMI cables PS3 branded and the normal HDMI cable price. That is usually quickly followed by the questions… “Because it’s more expensive, is the branded one better?” – and – “Will a normal one work OK on my PS3?”

Let’s have a look at the second question first. It can be confusing for people to understand if a non-Sony cable will work with the PlayStation 3. For the older gamer, it probably stems from the proprietary console connections used in past play station models, and for the younger gamer, brought up on brands, it is possibly as simple as not realizing there are always alternatives. Due to the technological advancements HDMI Cable in Australia made with 1080i, 1080p, blu-ray, high definition and the introduction of industry standard connections all previous rules no longer apply.

To comply with industry standard connections, for high definition, the PS3 has to use the same “in” connection as your Blu-ray, satellite or cable box or HD-TV to receive a high definition signal. This means that any cable will fit your PS3, not just the high end, branded version as the manufacturers of these would have you believe. As most gamers are looking at a cable of around the 3-6 foot length, you need never pay over $15 and in many cases an awful lot less. You can find some of the best HDMI cable deals by following the link to my website below.

If you have been looking around pricing up HDMI cables, ps3 branded version that is, you will know that the cost is well in excess of a normal HDMI cable price. But because it is more expensive does it do it’s job better than the cheaper version. The truth is this. An high definition cable, of whatever cost, delivers audio and video digitally, which it does by transmitting a signal in 0s and 1s. The type of cable is the same and the signal can not be cleaned up in any way, meaning a cheap cable performs just as good as a more expensive one.

That said, there is an exception to this rule and that kicks in with longer runs of cable. For some reason the digital signal weakens or breaks down when working with a cable in excess of an industry approved length. At the time of writing, you will not find a bona fide HDMI-cable, carrying the industry standard, that is over 50ft (15m) in length. So beware, they are about but to my knowledge they all fail to meet the required test criteria to gain accreditation. Let me know if you know different.

I hope that clears up peoples concerns. You are now aware that if you do purchase a HDMI cable “ps3” branded then you have in a small way been had, as the cheapest HDMI cable price is still going to give you many years of high definition gaming but at a quarter of the cost.

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